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Have you ever felt frustrated by the complicated interfaces of other games?

Experience MapleStory's user-friendly interface first-hand!

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MapleStory User Interface Flash Interactive
Item Inventory

It is classified in four tabs: Equipment, Use, Set-Up and Etc. based on the characteristics of the items.

Place the cursor over the item, and you'll see the required skill level and the item's effectiveness in detail.

The mesos that the character possesses are also displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The "use" items can be placed in the HotKey's for quicker, easier use.

The Hotkey: ( I )

Item InventoryEquipment InventoryCharacter StatsSkill Inventory
Equipment Inventory

Displays all the items that are equipped by the character in parts.

Item InventoryEquipment InventorySkill Inventory

Displays the thorough stats of the character.

Item InventoryEquipment InventoryCharacter StatsSkill Inventory
Skill Inventory

Displays the skills that the character possesses. Place the cursor over a skill to see the detailed description. Can be placed in the quick slots to use them.